10×10 Creative Gateshead

’10×10 Creative Gateshead’ was developed in collaboration with the Best of Bensham Collaborative. The activities were created by 11 Gateshead artists, in collaboration with 10 Gateshead community and creative organisations. The two booklets showcase the diverse and varied creative practises of Gateshead artists as well as promotes the work of Gateshead based community organisations. You can find out more about the artists and the organisations at the back of both booklets.

We have created two booklets, one for adults and one for young people, but the activities are suitable for all ages. Each activity has been created for the people of Gateshead, inspired by places and buildings in the area, and through conversations with residents and local organisations. All materials for the activities are easy to find in local shops and do not cost much, or you will find them around the home.

The activities will help people to learn new creative skills or rediscover old ones; or explore a place in a new way or introduce them to one they have never been to before. Some of the activities can be done indoors and some outdoors; some are quick and will only take a few minutes, whilst some may take a bit of time, and can be revisited whenever you want to. You can choose to do one or two of them, or all of them and in any order you want. You can do them on your own or with friends and family. The choice is yours!

The booklets have been distributed by the community organisations and the Best of Bensham Collaborative in the Gateshead area. If you would like to find out more about the project and the booklets please contact Ben on info@dingybutterflies.org.

Click on the image below where you will find a gallery showing work created by people inspired by the 10×10 booklets.

10 x 10 Gallery

You can send photo’s of the work you have created using the booklets to info@dingybutterflies.org or on social media including ‘#Gateshead10x10’

You can view and download the two booklets below:

10×10 Adult booklet for viewing online

10×10 Adult booklet for printing

10×10 Young person’s booklet for printing

10×10 Young person’s booklet for viewing online

Thank you to Arts Council England, the Best of Bensham Collaborative and The Catherine Cookson Trust for funding this project.

Thank you to all the organisations, artists and individuals who have helped on the project.

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