Bees of Bensham

‘Bee’s of Bensham’ is a two year project working with artist and beekeeper Barbara Keating. It is funded through the Platinum Jubilee fund from the National Lottery Community Fund.

‘Bee’s of Bensham’ will work across Bensham & Saltwell through creative activities and events, to understand what bees and pollinators live in our community; how we can support them; and the benefit there is to helping increase the bee population. Working with community groups, residents, and young people we will explore what land we have in our community, and how we can utilise it for the benefit of ourselves and the nature that we share it with. This will be done through understanding what plants grow in our community, rethinking land use and exploring how we can create a more sustainable provision for pollinators. The long-term aim is to develop an interest in our natural world in our urban area for the benefit of the community and our local environment and spaces that we as a community can enjoy and build deeper connections and sustainable relationships between bees, plants, land and people.

To find out about the project and how you can be involved keep an eye on our website and scoial media. You can also email Ben or Barbara on

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