18 Brinkburn Avenue

We were invited to work with Newcastle University Architecture students and local group, Best of Bensham to explore the topic ‘High Street’. The project took as a focus 18 Brinkburn Avenue, an empty shop that Best of Bensham were using to develop community projects.

The students mapped the shop and planned how it could be used by the community. We spoke to local residents asking them what they like in the area and what they feel is missing. One of the subjects that kept coming up was the need for something for young people in particular hands-on skills workshops. From this we recreated the shop in cardboard at the University to replicate the views of the local people for the need for hands on making. Also included was a series of a photographs of the street, a short film mapping the character of the shop and a series of posters mapping the comments from local people and ideas of what the shop could be.

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