Walking together


Walking Together takes as its starting point Bensham Grove Community Centre, its history and the current Bensham communities.  The invitation to respond as an artist, embraces the development of Kennedy’s body based practice examining embodiment.  As a multi-disciplinary artist this includes performance, drawing, movement, dance, text and video as poetic responses to site, alongside an experiential practice, deeply rooted in social justice and community art principles.

From conversations Kennedy decided to invite people to partake in a walk together and become involved in shared arts activity in the form of collective poetry and sketching. This would be a small offering to Bensham and the rich diversity of communities within it, as a way to gently discover people and place, and create simple conversations with one another, that might otherwise, not happen.

Kennedy hopes the walks offer a curiosity and respect for our own creative and physical responses to place, that enable us to engage and get to know one another in a shared activity.

Angela Kennedy

16 & 19 July 2015


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