Ben Jones
Artistic Director
I co-founded Dingy Butterflies in 2015, after five years of developing art projects in Gateshead, as I wanted to create opportunities for artists to develop and make new community art with local organisations and residents of Gateshead exploring its history and what it means to live, work and play here. I feel Gateshead has a rich history, present and future that is invisible to those who don’t know about it. As an artist and curator, with over twenty years experience working in the arts, and  who has lived in Gateshead since 2005, I could see the strong creative spirit in Gateshead and wanted to support its development and create new opportunities for artists and the people of Gateshead


Rachel Robson
Freelance Project Coordinator
I am a project coordinator who works for a number of organisations in the North East and Yorkshire. I have worked as a freelance trainer and community worker, developing workshops for vulnerable adults and supporting young people. I also started my own business in 2014, 100% Proof: Proofreading and Editorial. I am from Newcastle and have lived in Gateshead since 2010